2021 Humming Voices. Writings On Connection, Whiteness And Perception 
by Chris Becher.
Print on demand, The Hague, NL, 80 pages, written essays.

2019 TRIGGER Magazine #01—Impact.
Publised by Fotomuseum Antwerp, BE, & Fw:Books Amsterdam, NL, 96 pages, (23-26), essay contribution with Mads Holm,
ISBN 978-94-90119-82-9.

2018 False Positives. A Meditation on the
Broken Promises of Photography 
guided by
Shailoh Phillips & Adam Broomberg.
Published by KABK Royal Academy of Art
The Hague, NL, 138 pages, (78-88),
photography contribution.

2017 Verführung [temptation]. 
Published by Stadtmuseum Hofheim/Stadtarchiv in cooperation with Marta Hoepffner-Association for Photography, Hofheim am Taunus, GER,
80 pages, (16-36), exhibition & award catalogue, photography & essay contribution,
ISBN 978-3-933735-52-2.

2016 Gute Aussichten—New German Photography 2016/2017.
Published by Sieveking Publishing House, Munich, GER, 224 pages, (44-63),
exhibition & award catalogue,
ISBN 978-3-944874-54-8.

2016 Boys—A Photographic Field Study of Male
Sex Work
by Chris Becher.
Self-published, Cologne, GER, 141 pages,
two brochures in slip case, written essays, interviews and conversations, out of stock.

2013 Diary of the World Project
by Chris Becher.
Self-published by “it’s a book, it’s a stage, it’s a public spaceself-publishing” workshop with Olivier Arcioli, Cologne, GER, artist book,
edition of 5, out of stock.

2012 Mapping.
Published by Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, GER, Seminar publication “Visual Language”,
out of stock.

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