Chris Becher, *1990 Cologne, is a multidisciplinary photographer, writer, mentor and co-founder of the Undisciplining Photography Symposium, living and working in
, the Netherlands, and Cologne, Germany.

His socially conscious and consent-based practice ponders on the potential to convey the ways how identity and self-image are shaped by the relationship of individual lived experience and larger social histories through photographic portraiture, incorporating video, text, archival material, and essayistic writing.

Preceded by a long-term and dialogic process with his protagonists, his practice strives to reintroduce complexity, beauty and intimacy into the representation of individuals and communities, often compartmentalised by media and dominant discourses, and seldomly depicted from a sensitive and poetic angle.

Outlining society indirectly by its contours, his work draws from and transcends visual legacies such as social documentary, conceptual photography, vernacular culture, figurative portraiture, and art history.

Chris has presented his various projects in exhibitions and lectures internationally, among them recently with MEP Maison Européenne de la Photographie Paris 2022, FR, Humble Arts Foundation New York 2022 (online), USA, at the Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2021, NL, and Deichtorhallen Hamburg/Haus der Photographie 2018.

Writings of his have been published in English and German, most recently in TRIGGER magazine #1 with Fotomuseum Antwerp and Fw:Books Amsterdam 2019.

He is recent selectee of the FOLLOW 2023 award, the FOKUS program Mexico City 2023, and the FOTODOK Lighthouse Talent Program 2021/2022, among others.

Besides Chris is co-founder/-organiser of the Undisciplining Photography Symposium (founded 2021)—in collaboration with KABK Royal Academy of Art The Hague, Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam and RCMC Research Center for Material Culture Amsterdam. Works of his can be found in collections, public and private, hanging on walls or slumbering in numerous archival drawers. A selection of his works and writings can be found on his homepage. Alongside his photographic and writing practice he takes delight from furniture- and woodworking, books, jazz, the outdoors, and cooking.

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